What is Fancyish?

“I totally regret not traveling.”, said lots of people everywhere

According to numerous studies, not taking time to travel is a top regret for many as the clock of life winds down. We let the days, months, and years pass by as we dream of all the things that…

coulda woulda…

maybe kinda…
might happen someday??

Someday we’ll go to Paris… walk the sands of the Sahara… swim with sting rays in the Cayman’s… soak up the sun in Santiago.

But the truth is, most of us don’t.

Nearly 9 out of 10 people daydream about travel at some point during their workday. However, data from the U.S. Travel Association shows that only around 2 out of 10 people travel outside the U.S.

If you wonder why, I’ll challenge you to think about the people in your life; family, friends, & co-workers.

Chances are, you know one of them who has a dream to travel somewhere. To trace the footprints of their heritage around the world. To view breathtaking sunrises  on top of volcanoes. To do something that will make them feel more alive than they have ever felt before.

But then they don’t go anywhere. They inaccurately believe they don’t have the money OR the time OR the know how to just MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I used to be one of those people sitting at my desk dreaming about “someday”. Then I found a way to not be.

Learn From The Mistakes I Made Traveling While Working A Day Job &

Take The Shortcuts

Something in me changed. I decided that I wasn’t going to wait until I was old, gray, and hauling around an oxygen tank to travel. I started to get organized and began tracking what worked when it came to taking more time away from work without looking like a bad employee.

I managed to go from 1-2 trips per year to taking 10 vacations in 12months… all while working my full-time corporate job. During that time, I still got raises, bonuses, and was offered new career opportunities.




Once I got clear on where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, the things listed above became apparent. I felt so energized that I began sharing what I learned about traveling (and traveling while keep a day job) with everyone from my family to my friends to every Uber driver I caught a ride from.

Fancyish.com is all the shortcuts I’ve learned about traveling with no excuses and no stress. It’s here to show you that you can indeed travel right now if you like. Nothing is requiring you to wait until later.

The roadblocks you think are holding you back  can be wheeled right out of your way and some of them may not even be real!

Fancyish is here to help you make your travel dreams a reality through it’s travel guides, thought provoking blog posts, and ability to approach travel with a fresh perspective. Have questions? Reach out to letschat at fancyish dot com.