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So you want to travel and make some sweet cash while doing it. Here are 5 categories in which you can find employment to keep yourself afloat financially while you travel the world.

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1. Manual Labor

Manual labor comes in many different forms. It could be hardcore construction work if you’ve the muscle or something as easy as working on a local farm and helping to feed livestock and harvest crops. The perk of manual labor is that it’s a one-time thing. You do the work, collect the cash, and go on about your merry way.

You can repeat this as often as you need to. When you run out of cash just do some more manual labor to replenish your funds. Good places to look for manual labor jobs are anywhere you see buildings or roadways being constructed, hardware supply stores, and even websites like

2. Writing

If your good with pen and paper, or pressing keys on a laptop, writing is an excellent and fairly uncomplicated way to make money as you travel the world.

You can start your own blog on any topic you love. Now blogging isn’t always the quickest route to take. However, once you build a following you can get paid for things like sponsored posts where people pay you to put their brand name on a blog post you were already going to write. You can also get paid for writing reviews on businesses in the place you are visiting like resorts, restaurants, or spas.

In addition, to that you can also find freelance copywriting gigs online. This is where people have copy they need written, perhaps for their website or their own blog, and offer payment to others who write the content for them. In addition, you can also get paid for editing and reviewing copy from others that has already been written. Good places to look for and post your services as a copywriting guru are,, and

3. Teaching

Education is vital all around the world. You can easily take the talents you have and turn them into a teaching job. And if you just said to yourself, but I’m not good at anything, then you have already proven yourself wrong because you can speak English! That is a valuable skill around the world that you can teach others.

You could also try your hand at teaching anything you are good at or are willing to learn. A few examples are:

  • Teaching yoga
  • Teaching people to train for a 5K
  • Teaching people to cook
  • Teaching guitar or piano or some other instrument
  • Teaching surfing lessons
  • Teaching singing lessons

You get my drift. Simply pick something you’re so good at offer your services for sale.

4. Face-To-Face Sales

If you’re chatty and you like people then in-person sales might just be the thing for you! For example, if you go to a beach destination you’ll likely encounter someone who tries to sell you on an activity while you are in town. That person is getting paid a commission. You could do the same thing!

You could also find a resort selling timeshare. They often employ people from all around the globe so that international visitors can take tours with people from their home country.

5. Digital Sales

This is my favorite topic in the world to talk about! You can create your own income and work you own hours by selling things to people online.

You’ve got two options here, you can sell other people’s stuff which is called affiliate marketing. It works when they give you a percentage of their profits once you’ve sold an item for them.

You can also sell your own items. You could sell physical goods like t-shirts, or digital products which have very little overhead. Let me give you an example… you rock at knitting. You could write a book on knitting that tells people how to do it faster without dropping stitches. Once you have your book, you can sell it to people online and the sales can roll in while you sleep.

So there you have it 5 simple ways you can make money while you’re traveling.

And as a bonus, I’ve got one more suggestion for you.

BONUS – Keep Your Day Job

A frequently overlooked option to make money while you travel is to keep your day job.

Once you’ve decided you’d be willing to quit in order to travel you don’t have much to lose. That means it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can do your work on the road or have more time away from the office to travel. This works best for people in careers where a majority of their work can be done online

The best thing that could happen is that your current employer will say yes and grant your wishes. The worst, they could fire you before you have a chance to quit. If you were already planning to leave that worst case scenario shouldn’t be so scary.

Did this post or video give you some ideas on how you can make money traveling the world?


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