Travel Advice For The Working Professional


You’re a hard working professional who dreams of traveling the world while climbing the corporate ladder. But where do you start?

We’ve all seen the stories of people quitting their jobs to travel the world, but it’s not for everyone. Some of us would like to continue business as usual, only with more time for travel and adventure in our lives.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that it’s possible.

I used to dream of traveling the world while sitting behind grey cubicle walls. I ignored the scientific proof that professionals need to disconnect and take vacations for the benefit of their own health. I started to burnout. I thought that mountains of debt would be the only way to fund my desire to travel and that retirement was the key to having enough time to see it all.

Luckily, I was wrong!

I began testing crazy ideas and methods to find the time, money, and skills I needed to make travel happen right now. They worked.

In spite of my 9-5, I managed to increase my vacations from 2 a year to 10 in just 12 months.


The best part is that I didn’t go into debt or quit to make it happen. And although I was out of the office exploring the world more than ever, I continued to get high performance reviews, raises, and opportunities to work on top projects within the Fortune and Inc. 500 corporations I worked for.

Pretty soon the questions started rolling in from friends and family. They wanted to know how I found the time and money to make it happen. They needed to understand how I managed my relationships at work so that I could live life on the go and still excel in my career. They wanted to know how I was always able to be on vacation and having adventures with my friends… according to Facebook!

With that, Fancyish was born.

Below you’ll find resources on how to travel better while keeping your job. Simply click on the “Instant Download” button and enjoy learning the shortcuts I’ve created throughout the years that have allowed me to travel on my terms, without going into debt, while keeping my job.


Travel Tips & Tricks


  • How-To-Take-Time-Off-Book-Smaller

     Learn How To Take Uninterrupted Vacations

    Love taking vacations, but hate being bothered by your boss and other buzzkills while you are trying to relax? Get my 60 day action plan to taking uninterrupted vacations while looking like a rockstar in the office.

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  • find-the-money-book1

    Find The Money To Travel Right Now

    Think you don’t have the money to travel right now? Learn the 3 super simple steps to living a jetset lifestyle and funding your travel dreams without waiting for retirement or going into debt.

    Instant Download

  • Book Your Best Flight Book Smaller

     Book Your Best Flight

    Learn how to get the flights you want for the best price every time. I’m sharing my favorite websites and the best methods to book your travel and be alerted to the best deals. Even without a destination in mind,  you can make travel happen right now.

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  • Top-Travel-Tools-Book-Smaller

     Get The Top Travel Tools

    Wonder how some people travel all the time for fun and make it look super easy? Get the top tools used by the pros to travel frequently with ease.

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