Del Frisco’s Grit Cakes Are Everything

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Anson Mills Grit Cakes From Del Frisco’s Grille in Atlanta, Georgia

When you’re in the south, you can’t escape the glory of grits. Now I’m not talking about the strength of a southerners character. I’m talking about a yummy bowl of piping hot ground corn most commonly found as a side kick to an already hearty breakfast.

Some like them sweet with butter and sugar, almost like an oatmeal of the south. Others prefer them savory. And while grits may not fall under category of breakfast accomplice at Del Frisco’s in Buckhead, their Anson Mills Grit Cakes will leave you grateful that someone found something to do with grits that doesn’t involve eggs and pancakes. Even though it’s an appetizer, I love this dish so much I often pair it with a side salad or a la carte fillet of salmon and call it dinner.


I’m no true culinary expert, but my taste buds tell me that they form the cakes and wrap them in cheese prior to giving them a spin the fryer to crisp up. They then plate a bed of buffalo jus for the cakes to rest on and then top them with blue cheese crumbles, avocado ranch, and micro celery. The result is a perfect bite of happiness that you just can’t quit.

Add a cool fall night on their 2nd story patio and a glass of good wine for a winning combination. Outside of the buffalo grit cakes, Del Frisco’s has a carefully curated menu sure to spicy up any fancyish night. What are some of your favorite dishes around the world?

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