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Cheeky Monkey Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


One of the things I most look forward to while on vacation is rest, relaxation, and getting local. When I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I’d picked an all-inclusive resort that provided everything I needed from 5 star meals to beach side cabanas. Still, the adventurer in me wanted to get a taste of life outside the pampered walls I temporarily called home.
With a quick walk into town, and a few suggestions from locals, I found myself at the Cheeky Monkey Puerto Vallarta. Not only was their logo one of the most adorable things I’d seen all week, they had food and drinks good enough to keep me coming back for more before I left.

Cheap Drinks in Puerto Vallarta

$1 margaritas & $1 beers. This wasn’t some crazy happy hour special or a ploy to get you so drunk you’d forget how much you spent by the end of the night. It was just their thing, and I loved it. They also had a $2 drink list with sangria, mojitos, and rum punch to name a few.


Amazing Views in Puerto Vallarta

The Cheeky Monkey has a crazy good ocean view from their patio. The restaurant itself has simple decor, however the view takes things up a notch. There’s something about staring at palm trees and the ocean that makes everything you eat taste amazing. It’s also really hard to say no to “just one more” drink when you can stare into the horizon and day dream away.


Once you add the Cheeky Monkey’s friendly and super attentive staff to the mix, you’ll have a pretty amazing vacation restaurant experience at a price that won’t blow your budget. However, if you felt like getting Fancyish, you could order the World’s Most Expensive Margarita. It’ll only set you back a cool $100 (USD) and comes complete with edible gold flakes to cool your palate and a Brazilian Blue Agate coaster to rest on.

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The Cheeky Monkey’s location is near the tourists corridor but that shouldn’t make you shy away. Go forth, be cheeky, and have an amazing time in Puerto Vallarta! What’s the best margarita you’ve ever had? Tell me in the comments below!

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