The Fancyish Study Abroad Scholarship Program

Studying abroad changed my life. It allowed me to view the world through a new lens and put a fire in belly to help others do the same.

Up to 5 students will be awarded a $2,000 study abroad scholarship to fund their study abroad experience. This monetary award is to be used towards travel expenses, study abroad tuition, program lodging, or other out-of-pocket expenses related to study abroad education.

Scholarship Rules & Regulations

Details to be posted on November 1, 2015.

Application process to open on December 7, 2015.

Scholarship Contributions

Be a part of the movement and help a student experience travel in one of 3 ways:

  1. Make a donation to the scholarship fund. –
  2. Purchase a pair of Fancyish signature shades. All profits are donated to the Fancyish Study Abroad Scholarship Fund. –
  3. Become a corporate sponsor. Contact me for details on the promotional packages that come with sponsorship. –