What is the definition of Fancyish?

Fancyish = Luxury that’s within reach.

This could be you... if you stopped making excuses.
This could be you… if you stopped making excuses.

Fancy equals luxury. Most often, we see it as luxury someone else has that we don’t. We all know those people who wear fancy things, take fancy vacations, and have an overall fancy life.

For some reason, things that are fancy seem unattainable.

Fancy is just out of reach. Fancy compares things… situations… lifestyles.

Fancyish is more approachable. It’s for everyone, not just the elite.

Fancyish embraces what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t. It helps you make decisions and create habits that allow you to get the things you want, including a jet set lifestyle.

Traveling the world, while holding down a day job, might seem fancy. But once you grasp the Fancyish definition you’ll see that everything you need to make it happen is right in front of you.