Pike’s Peak Perfection

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Driving to the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado


To say that I’m “kinda” a beach girl is like saying that Beyonce is “kinda” fabulous… it’s a complete understatement! However, that’s precisely the reason I’m forcing myself to do more non-beach travel.

With that goal in mind, I grabbed a bestie and headed to Colorado for a weekend roadtrip full of fun, sun and snow. A road trip across the Rocky Mountains was just what I needed  to step outside of my typical vacation box.

I was left in complete wonder and amazement of the grand landscape we have the privilege of calling home in the US.

White Knuckles & Silent Prayers

Did I mention that I’m afraid of heights yet? No. OK, glad we got that out there. As we drove to the top of the peak, I gripped the oh “sh*t” bar so tightly you’d have thought I was trying to juice it for gold. I’m sure the view was amazing, but I was so tense I spent a majority of the drive making sure I was still breathing. On the day of our adventure the conditions were particularly icy. In fact they were so icy that the last little stretch of road up to the summit was blocked due to unstable conditions.

With the exception of the details I remembered from my report on “America’s Mountain” in 4th grade, I really didn’t know that much about Pike’s Peak. We took a stroll through the visitors center and learned some fun facts.

  • It’s a part of the Front Range that makes up the Rockies
  • It peaks at 14,114′ and was first climbed in 1820
  • It would take you 12 hours to boil an egg on-site due to low pressure

Once we finally arrived at the top of the mountain, I was almost afraid to get out of the car. Once I did, I saw there was little to be afraid of outside of losing my breath at the beauty before us.


My friend Nicole driving up to the summit.



 Right below the summit for Pike’s Peak.



A stop at the top.



 View from the visitors center.


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