All’s Fair in Love & Divorce

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Lovers Beach & Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo San Lucas is a city of beautiful beaches, but you can’t call your trip complete until you’ve laid on the shores of both Lovers beach and Divorce beach. Sandwiched between the cliffs that shape El Arco and Pelican Rock lies an oasis where your mind can truly be free.


My girls and I packed water, snacks, and plenty of sunscreen before hopping a quick water taxi ride to the beaches. A lot of people wonder how the beaches got their names and I’ve heard a few versions.

How Did Lovers Beach & Divorce Beach Get Their Names?


Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Theory 1
Lovers beach is a swimming beach with softer and gentler waves. Visitors revel in the relief it provides on a hot summer’s day. This softer side (love) is stark contrast to what lies only a few yards away. Divorce beach is not a swimming beach… made apparent by a huge warning sign. The waves are abrasive and choppy and many simply stand in awe of it’s chaos without daring to test the waters.
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Theory 2 The strip of Lovers & Divorce beaches divide two bodies of water, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. During perfect storms, they are bound together by crashing waves and make beautiful “love” before the seas calm and they go their separate ways. All in anticipation of times when they may feel each others caress once more.  

Final - Lovers-Divorce

Obviously oceans don’t have feelings, so theory 1 is likely closer to the truth. But I choose to believe in theory 2. Romanticizing oceans may seem silly. But one trip to these beaches for yourself… one lazy day on the warm sand… a little time listening to the waves roar so loud you hear nothing but your true self… and you’ll understand why I’d rather cling to a dippy love story about a beach vs logic. Click To Get My Cabo Vacation Planning Quick Guide


Getting to the beaches is as easy as hopping on a glass bottom boat that you can find in abundance at the marina or near Medano beach. A local girl, who moved to Cabo after falling in love there, let me in on an insider tip. More adventurous and active types can actually walk to either beach. Lover’s can be accessed by making a jaunt down the beach from the end of the marina. Divorce an be conquered by scaling the rocks adjacent to Solmar beach, which is about a 10 minute walk from the marina.

To ensure a perfect day of sunbathing be sure to take cash with you. With cash you can buy beer or food from the few vendors if you don’t feel like carrying your own. Also, for a small tip your water taxi driver will swing you through nearby El Arco where sea lions play and stress disappears in the deep blue yonder.

When’s the last time you went to the beach? Tell me in the comments below!
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