Hanging Ten in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Surfing w/ Iguana Surf Shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I lurve (that’s like love to the 10th power) the ocean. When I get to mix salt water, warm sun, and crashing waves my heart does a happy dance. That’s why during a trip to Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I decided to step up my usual beach bum swag and take up surfing.

After traveling a short ways from my resort, I found myself in Tamarindo. It’s a cute little ocean side town and surf culture runs through its veins. It’s surrounded by beaches with breathtaking waves, friendly locals, and nearly any cuisine you can imagine.


After a bit of bumbling around, and a few failed attempts at finding someone to show me the ropes, I wandered across Iguana Surf Shop. Their staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. I decided to give it a whirl and got prepared for my first surfing excursion.

Once I’d selected my rash guard and surf board, I headed to the beach where an experienced instructor explained the basics of mastering the waves. It went something like “wait for the perfect moment, paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle, pop up on your feet quick and ninja like, try not to fall down”. Ok… maybe not quite like that, but through his training I was able to hang with the newbs and ride a few waves.


I didn’t leave the beach as a master surfer that day. Yet, I left with the confidence and know how to hold my own in the event that Water World ever became a harsh reality. Have you been surfing? What’s you favorite beach activity? Tell me in the comments below!


Ashley Baxter

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